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Skippyjon Jones

Rating 4 stars
Skippyjon Jones

Perfection Learning

Author: Judy Schachner

Written by Judy Schachner and it was published on the 1st of January, 2010 by Perfection Learning. The book is 32 pages long. It's 10.35" Height x 0.39" Length x 8.86" Width. It weighs around 0.75 lbs. To get the best offer on a copy for this kids book together with other products, check out the shopping cart button on this page.

Move over, Eloise and Olivia. ¡ Olé! Make room for Skippyjon Jones, a Siamese kittenboy who can't resign himself to being an ordinary cat. Zany, wild, and over-the-top, this utterly original book truly begs to be read aloud. Having a time-out in his room, he resorts to his imagination. With the jiggly, effervescent outlines she utilised in I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, the smudgy, tender expressiveness of The Grannyman, and a text worthy of a sitcom, Judith Byron Schachner has developed a new cat character for all ages. Taking on the superhero persona in the great Spanish sword fighter Skippito, he has the adventure of his life, and readers are invited along.


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