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Skippyjon Jones In The Dog-house (kohl's Cares Edition)

Rating 4 stars
Skippyjon Jones In The Doghouse

Dutton Children's Books

Author: Judy Schachner

Do you want to order a book? Skippyjon Jones In The Dog-house (kohl's Cares Edition) by Judy Schachner a great book. Written by Judy Schachner and it was published on the 13th of July, 2013 by Dutton Children's Books. The book is 32 pages long, select the hyperlink below.

For another loco adventure. In his room for a time-out, Skippyjon Jones lets his imagination take him to a shack where his Chihuahua friends are yipping and yapping and hiding out from the bad Bobble-ito, who has taken over their doghouse. How El Skippito chills the Chihuahuas and banishes the Bobble-ito will make a lot more amigos for this endearing and irresistible rascal, who developed his first look within the favorite Skippyjon Jones.


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